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Thales eSecurity Data Security and Compliance Solutions

Thales eSecurity provides comprehensive data security solutions that enable your organization to safely use, share and store data anywhere. These data security solutions pages demonstrate how Thales products can help you meet your data protection and security compliance challenges. With a broad portfolio according to the needs of each company, including regulations or compliance, it offers:

  • Cloud Security

  • Payments

  • Data Security & Encryption

  • PKI Security Solutions

  • Digital Transformation

  • Regulations: PCI DSS - PCI HSM - GDPR - ISO 27799: 2019 - ISO / IEC 27002: 2013 - Data infringement notification laws - Data residence



Cloud Security

As more organizations adopt the cloud, their security concerns still remain as they lose visibility into how their data protected. After all, protecting your data is ultimately your responsibility. Whatever cloud strategy you employ – public, private, or hybrid – Thales can help protect your data. Our flexible cloud security solutions help secure your critical data using encryption keys that you control.

Digital Payments

Digital payments have increasingly become business enablers; however, it’s up to the security industry to fuel innovation in bringing about seamless consumer experiences that aren’t compromised by lax security. Thales eSecurity’s high assurance data security solutions for the digital payments ecosystem satisfy widely established and emerging standards of due care for cryptographic systems, while also maintaining high levels of operational efficiency.


As the number of encryption technologies and use cases continue to expand, costs and complexity threaten to spiral out of control, while leaving organizations susceptible to security and availability risks. The Vormetric Data Security Platform from Thales eSecurity delivers the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency you need to address your expanding encryption and compliance requirements, while reducing cost and complexity.

Key Management

As organizations scale their encryption, key management invariably becomes one of the biggest challenges. Relying on disparate, inconsistent key management solutions results in an expensive—and potentially insecure—operational environment. Thales eSecurity offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-assurance key management solutions that are easy to deploy and operate. These data security software solutions centralize Thales eSecurity and 3rd party encryption key management and storage.

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