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Brand Overview

The Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform puts the public cloud within the reach of all companies by providing a modern solution that allows the recovery, management and protection of all data, regardless of location.

The capacity for organic growth and response to changes in the business needs of an organization depends on instant access, efficient data delivery and intelligent information management. Rubrik removes barriers to data mobility by providing the critical functions necessary to boost business agility, profitability and performance as they move their workloads to the cloud.



Cloud Data Management

This platform offers a holistic approach to managing the data life cycle in hybrid cloud environments, from its creation to its elimination, in order to improve performance and operational continuity with more costs reduced.

Instant Access

Rubrik offers instant application recovery and global predictive search functions in a single globally indexed space.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Rubrik protects data both during transmission and when stored, the Rubrik platform offers granular access control based on roles in all workflows.

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