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Progress recognizes that the requirements for business application development and deployment constantly change and we’re committed to delivering agile solutions that enable you to embrace change and turn it into a competitive advantage.

From the powerful Progress OpenEdge application development platform, to User Interface UI and developer tools focusing on the core of the app, to data connectivity, backend as a service, web content management and predictive analytics, Progress enables you to rapidly develop and deliver the best next-generation, mission-critical business applications.

Progress leads the market of Software Construction Components (SCC), dominated by user experience and visualization software components. This market has been experiencing a big growth driven by developer needs for integrated platforms that provide cross-platform development tools, application security, rich user experience components, BaaS frameworks, data integration platforms, predictive analytics, as well as support for machine learning and cognitive computing. The ideal strategy to respond to market shifts both economically and practically is to adapt an existing app. If you’re on an OpenEdge-based application, you can continuously evolve the app to keep pace with market shifts and demands. Meanwhile, actively listening to customer business pressures helps Progress to regularly refine products like OpenEdge and has contributed significantly to Progress’ market leadership in the SCC segment.

Progress OpenEdge has long been a mainstay in the application development space, with more than 50,000 businesses running the platform, and it’s valued by customers for its stability, security, broad connectivity, multiple deployment options and low TCO.

  • DataDirect integrates and supports the following platforms:
    MY SQL


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