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  • Protects virtual
    servers under
    VMware platforms.
  • Better performance.
    It has the ability to
    identify and block threats quickly.
  • Strong protection
    while maintaining the
    efficiency of the management platform.


An agent-free approach for a good performance and robust protection, like the one you need. There are two types of solutions:

1) Kaspersky Security for Virtualization | agent-free

Designed to protect critical virtual servers under VMware platforms.
It integrates with VMware Vshield functionality and has the ability to identify and block threats in less than 0.02 seconds. It also integrates with VMware NSX environments through NSX Guest Introspection.

2) Kaspersky Security for Virtualization con | light agent

Designed to protect critical servers and virtual desktops.
While a SVA (security virtual appliance) consolidates the security processing work and updates of signature bases, a light agent is installed at the level of each virtual machine, accessing its memory, applications, internal processes as well as traffic and virtual devices to ensure the highest level of security, also keeping the efficiency of the centralized management platform. It supports leading hypervisors including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and KVM.

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Kaspersky Total Security for Business

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