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Arbor Pravail provides security and local network management for companies and government organizations. Designed to thwart both internal and external threats against network availability and data theft, Pravail consists of two fundamental tools.

Pravail Availability Protection System (Pravail APS)

The availability of the network and services is essential for any operator of corporate or government network. Pravail APS ensures reliable access to basic network services by detecting and blocking threats to availability, as DDos attacks and other cyber attacks, before they result in costly service interruptions.

Network Security Intelligence (Pravail NSI)

The greater the visibility of operations of the internal network, the better you can defend yourself against advanced and internal threats. Pravail NSI provides an overview of the status of all network and security intelligence you need to understand the threats and actively fight against them.

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  • Benefits
  • Allows your IT team to understand the DDoS attacks before they affect your business.
  • Understanding the network proactively is the only way to minimize the attacks.
  • Statistics show an increasing percentage of DDOs attacks, so taking preventive control measures becomes a critical process.
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