Why offer hosted solutions to your clients?

No fix costsThrough a contract with leading technology vendors and supported by Adistec Cloud Solutions, you will be able to offer hosted solutions to your end users paying on a monthly basis only for the licenses that were used.

No Access FeesThe contract has no cost and it enables you to offer a complete portfolio of hosted solutions.

Latest Versions Without Additional CostsA great advantage of the hosted model is the possibility to access the most recent versions of the product without any additional costs of actualization or renovation.

Maintain Control of Your BusinessWith the two business models that Adistec Cloud Solutions offers, Subscription Programs and White Labeling, you maintain total control of the relationship with your clients. Adistec offers you technical and commercial support to execute your Cloud strategy.

Offer Demos and Free TrialsThis powerful sales tool lets you demonstrate the benefits of the model by offering a trial period to your end users. The satisfaction with this type of service is usually very high and therefore the conversion rate after the trial period is usually very high.

DifferentiationYou can add professional services to your cloud offering and differentiate from your competitors, customizing you portfolio and your price strategy.

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