Citrix CSP

1- Who must sign the Citrix CSP?

This program was created especially for the Service Providers that offer desks and applications to end users in a pay per use model.

2- What are the requirements of the program?

  • Utilizar los productos de Citrix para brindar servicios a terceros en un dedicado o multi-tenant
  • HSign the SPLA by Microsoft
  • The Datacenter used to provide services to third parties must be different than the one used for perpetual licenses for internal use or hosting.
  • Must be authorized by Citrix.

3- Do different levels or categories exist?

The program only has one category: Citrix Service Provider Authorized.

4- Does a minimum consumption or sales fee exist?

While there is no predetermined sales quota or minimum consumption, if the Citrix CSP Partner does not comply in timely manner with the delivery of consumer reports, or if the report shows zero consumption for a period of 60 days, Citrix can cancel your contract with a warning of 60 days.

5- How are licenses billed?

The licenses used are billed monthly in arrears. The Service Provider shall provide a consumer report on the first day of each month. Breach of this clause may result in fines or cancellation.

6- How do you license the products?

CSP products are licensed per user, per peak usage in the case of virtual machines (VM) or virtual device. Each license only allows access to a single user using any type of device to access servers.

7- How long does the contract last?

The contract is signed for two years. Membership starts the day the contract is signed and ends the last day of the month, two years later. For example, if the contract is signed on January 15, 2013 it will expire on January 31, 2015.

8- Do special discounts apply for quantity?

ncremental discounts are based on the number of licenses reported monthly. For the various discounts that apply to every solution we invite you to download the “Service Provider Program Guide”

Vmware VSPP

1- When should I subscribe to the VSPP Program? When can I use perpetual licenses?

All of the Service Providers that supply services to third parties in a multi-tenant environment should subscribe to the VSPP program. The perpetual licenses can not be utilized to bring services to third parties. If part of your business consists of supplying laaS to end users you should sign the VSPP to be able to be properly licensed.

2- What are the requirements for converting into a VSPP Partner?

The requirements of the program are:

  • a) Must be registered in the Vmware Partner Central as a Service Provider.
  • b) Accept the terms and conditions of the program.
  • c) Approval of the contract by Vmware (2-4 business days). In this instance Vmware will review your website to make sure your company is offering hosted services.
  • d) Select a VSPP Authorized Aggregator, like Adistec.

3- Is there a sales quota?

While there is no predefined sales quota, the Vmware VSPP is structured through a point system very similar to the plans for a cell phone company, in which all Service Providers commit to a minimum consumption of "points" to be paid monthly regardless of consumption. If consumption exceeds the amount that paid you must pay for the additional items you have consumed.

4- What are the point plans available?

Six point categories exist in which you can pick:

  • - 360 points
  • - 1800 points
  • - 3600 points
  • - 10800 points
  • - 18000 points
  • - 30000 points

Each VSPP product has a points equivalence. The points of each solution can be downloaded here VMware Service Provider Product Usage Guide

5- How do you report license consumption?

The licenses are reported monthly to Adistec by issuing an automatic report. All of the VSPP Partners must install the “Usage Meter” through the vCenter, in which you generate the consumption report that should be sent to your VSPP Agregator without making modifications.

6- Can services be offered to other countries under the same contract?

The Service Providers will be able to install and operate the VSPP products only in the Datacenters that are located in the country where the contract was signed. If the Service Provider has additional datacenters in other countries, they must sign a contract in that country.

7- How many categories does this program have?

The VSPP has 4 Partner levels, each one possesses different requirements and benefits:

  • Registered Patner.
  • Professional Partner.
  • Enterprise Partner.
  • Premier Partner.

To learn more about the requirements and benefits of each level download this The Guide of Service Providers.

8- How long does the Vmware VSPP contract last?

The contract is annual (12 months).


1- What hypervisors are compatible with Veeam solutions?

Veeam solutions are compatible with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V

2- What are the requirements to sign a ProPartner Service Provider contract?

The requirements to become a Veeam Partner are the following: Your company must be registered on the Veeam website and must have a contract with Microsoft SPLA or VMware VSPP.

3- How long does the contract last?

The contract has a duration of 12 months.

4- Is there a sales quota?

While there is no sales quota, the Veeam Service Providers program has four levels defined in monthly consumption function, estimated for each Partner. The moment the agreement is signed the partner must select one of the four plans according to their estimated demand.

  • Monthly Income Plan for 200 points
  • Monthly Income Plan for 1.500 points
  • Monthly Income Plan for 4.500 points
  • Monthly Income Plan for 20.000 points

The main benefit of signing the agreement with the highest point level is the price of the licenses. The higher the point level, the lower you pay for the licenses.

Benefits of the Program
  1. Business model with variable costs.
  2. No startup fees.
  3. Access the latest product versions without actualization costs.
  4. Guaranteed control of your business. You manage 100% of the relationship with your clients.
  5. Free demos and trials.
  6. Differentiation through the provision of professional services.
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